Our Passion


To put in simple words, we love to ride, and by doing so, we love to have minimal fuss around safety products on our bikes.

Therefor we have designed and produced some of the best chainguides on the market. We don't accept compromises when it comes to riding our bikes, and the only way to be true to ourselves, we took the higher path, to ensure ULTIMATE RIDING EXPERIENCE.

Our Mission


We believe that every rider should enjoy the trail and the bike without thinking about its components.

In that mindset, we have given an oath to each other, that we shall not cut corners in production process to achieve and maintain maximum quality of Shovel Components products.

Our production is 100% from Croatia, European Union, and we are proud to say that we don't outsource anything to anyone. We have kept all production in house, and that it will remain.

Meet us


If you are nearby, drop us a visit. We like to talk to riders and hear their inputs.

Give us a heads up by email, and we shall organize a ride and have a good day in the woods.

Also, if you have any suggestions, please drop us a mail and we shall look into it.