Enduro Carbon Chainguide Reviewed by BikeRadar

Enduro Carbon Chainguide REVIEWED

We have just found out that our Top model Enduro Carbon Chainguide has been reviewed by BikeRadar.

From the designer/manufactured point, sending your products someone for a review is always an uneasy task. No matter how hard you have worked on it, how fine tuning and how many version your have had before, there is always a background fear that something just simply wont comply with reviewer.

There is always that little doubt lurking in the deep, asking "what if". Well, as confident we are about our products, I have to say that after countless hours or testing, tuning redesigning little details, and taking every critic so much personal, there is a great amount of pride reading this review.


BikeRadar Review

We Always got your back.

The chainguide emerged from the piles of dust, from garage, and after of years of tuning it, I have to say that we have made the best Enduro chainguide, considering the weight, materials and durability. As a designer, in every product that I design, there is always a little of myself in it, standing as a reflection of the pursuit that drove me to the moment of recognition. By myself, my friend, test riders, and from big guns, like BikeRadar test team.

Needless to say that we are pleased to have our products reviewed by a World Class MTB portal and World class riders. This is just a confirmation that Shovel Components are in the very top of the chainguide industry, if not on top 😉

Find out the full read of the review on this link: BikeRadar 


Marko Carević

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