Forty8 Carbon Edition Release date

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So, here we are. Gently leaning towards the 2019 season. And by the looks of it, it's going to be a blast.

Lets start by saying that Shovel Components will be announcing the biggest NEW lineup of chainguides, which will cover all aspects of mountain biking.

First to release will be our 3rd Best Selling Bashguard/chainguide Forty8, but in lighter and upgraded version. Forty8 Carbon...

Forty8 Carbon chainguide

Why Carbon version?

We have had the opportunity to mingle with some of the top riders in the World Cup, and got a bit of taste what pros think, and what would be pointed as the best upgrade for Enduro bikes.

While we have almost all products in alloy and Carbon version, Forty8 wasn't one of them, so we had to make an adjustment. Carbon version has over 25% weight reduction, making it in total of 38 grams. With this minimum amount of weight, the bashguard/chainguide is optimized for all trails, from DH World Cup DH Lošinj to easy trails, without compromising on protection part.

Which one is better, Forty8 in alloy or Forty8 Carbon, that is for you to decide. But for sure, riders will have to decide in which lightest bashguard/chainguide will be picking for their bikes, and We are sure that Forty8 Carbon will have a great season.

Forty8 Carbon chainguide

Release Date

Forty8 Carbon release date would be 3rd of December for public and for online purchase. In this way, we are opening up the 2 weeks window for presales for our partners and our future partners.

Release price for public will be 69 €, and all presales will be given an extra 5% discount to current discounts terms, along with a front desk stand extra, to stand out in bikes shops.

If you have any questions, please let us know. As always, we got you covered.

Marko Carević

CEO of Shovel Components

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