Shovel Components ADDICT – New Chainring for Race Face

Why did we do it? 

Despite the fact that there are lots of regular and oval chainring out there, we have released one by our design and liking. The big questions is why did made a chainring which exists over 20 years on the market. Well, one can say that we are a lazy bunch who likes only Downhill, and one would probably be right.

The fact is that we have tried every brand out there, and after of 2 years of testing, we have engineered the best Low to High ratio of ADDICT Oval chainring.

ADDICT ROUND Chainring for Race Face

Who are we to make chainring ?

Shovel Components is a small company located in the Easter part of Croatia, and Eastern part of EU.  We are responsible for World Class Eighty8 Chainguide on which we are really proud of.

With our philosophy, we have decided that its time to deliver to World, the best possible Chainrings, as we did with chainguides. Either it's the best there is, or it total rubbish, and we don't make crap products.

Followed by our bestseller, Eighty8, we wanted to make something that will upgrade the looks of the bike, the cranks and the chainguide to the net level.


What was our goal while making this ADDICT chainrings. 

As we like to think of ourselves that are hard core riders, we are nothing but a just normal riders who don0t like to sweat a lot going up, and at best a normal fast riders on the down side of the hill.

That being said, we don0t have much of bike parks and lift to support our style, we had to push the bike uphill, or tuck our balls and ride it. So the compromise was made.

Let's try those damn ovals. Needles to say that there are differences, and we tried them all. After some time, we have developed the most efficient oval chainring in the World. As we can't speak of it angles or ovality in numbers, but we can confirm, that Shovel Components ADDICT Oval Chainring is the most efficient chainring on the market.

Why name ADDICT? 

As you know, the MTB industry is a pretty tough business. If you are not lucrative and innovative, you will quickly go under and have to do something else. From personal experience, we have had some good, and some bad months, but we never shifted our focus, never looked to outsource anything to Asia or other countries.

Therefor we are Addicts for mountain biking, as the passion for cycling is in our blood, in the very core of our hearts, and we just can't to be away from bicycles and MTB industry in general. This is who we are. Instead of water, we occasionally drink WD40 bike to lubricate the inner system, when we can't ride. True story 🙂

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