We messed up

We know we messed up last few orders, and we are not ashamed to admit it. Altho we are ashamed that several of you were waiting for your products for almost 2 months, on which we tried to compensate with extra parts, gifts, shirts, etc. It does not change the fact that you were missing out almost the whole season shredding your favourite piece of metal and carbon down the scariest trails, and you did it without Shovel chain guide.

We know we f..... up, and there is no excuse on time passed, but we would try to cover your next season. Therefor we shall be sending all of our buyers that were affected with our cockup a new designed chainguide, which is still not released.

Still, we cannot share any pictures or info, but in about 1 month, we shall start notify all the riders prior the shipment, and We hope eventually, you will be able to forgive us.

Your sincerely,

Marko Carevic, CEO

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